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Published on May 19, 2024
Escaped Chambersburg Prisoner Brayan Ulloa-Pelaez Captured After ManhuntSource: Chambersburg Police Department

Brayan Ulloa-Pelaez, the Chambersburg prisoner who made a bold escape while handcuffed, has been nabbed, police confirmed. The manhunt came to a close after Ulloa-Pelaez slipped away from police custody at 218 North Second Street, sparking a search that had local law enforcement blanketing the area.

Reports from CrimeWatchPA indicated Brayan Ulloa-Pelaez was taken back into custody and is no longer on the run; the public was initially warned to avoid the escapee and to expect a heavy law enforcement presence during the search, Brayan was face charges related to a theft of services incident, as detailed in online court documents.

Neighborhood residents were urged to stay away from the vicinity during the manhunt, with police actively searching for the handcuffed fugitive. According to ABC27, Ulloa-Pelaez led the police on a chase along 281 North Second Street before being captured, adding tension to an otherwise quiet Friday in Chambersburg Borough.

Local21News stated that after his initial escape, which occurred on the block of 218 North Second Street, Ulloa-Pelaez was subsequently apprehended, though the exact location of his capture has not been disclosed, community members were allowed to return to their normal activities after the police lifted the advisory to avoid certain areas as they searched for Brayan, a palpable sense of relief washed over the community as this brief period of uncertainty came to an end.