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Published on March 17, 2024
Philadelphia's Vision Zero Drive Ramps Up with Community Ambassadors to Promote Road SafetySource: Unsplash/ Nabeel Syed

Philly's streets are set to get safer as the City of Philadelphia's Office of Complete Streets gears up to bring on a wave of Community Ambassadors. These local heroes will hit the ground running to spread the gospel of road safety and to stem the tide of traffic-related casualties, with an ambitious goal of zero traffic deaths on the horizon.

City Councilman O'Neill is spearheading the charge, throwing open the doors for any Philadelphians eager to make their neighborhoods safer. According to an announcement on the council's website, there's no need for prior experience. Instead, individuals will be schooled in the high-stakes realm of traffic safety, from the perils of speeding to the intricacies of crash prevention.

Ambassadors who answer the call will be embedded in the community, tasked with shaking up the status quo on safety. The program isn't just about talk – it's a hands-on commitment that includes educational outreach and a regular monthly check-in. It's a chance to turn the tide on hazardous habits and to carve a path towards a deaths-free future on Philly's thoroughfares.

Participation won't go unrewarded. These ambassadors of safety will pocket a stipend of $1,500 after seeing the program through from May to September. The clock's ticking down to the March 31 application deadline. Philly's streets are crying out for safeguarding, and it could be the locals who step up to the plate that make all the difference.