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Published on March 30, 2024
Port of Oakland Contemplates Rebranding Airport to San Francisco Bay Oakland InternationalSource: Weegee010, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Port of Oakland is mulling over a potential rebrand for its airport, eyeing a change that would see the Metropolitan Oakland International Airport assume a new name: the San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport. Despite the shift in nomenclature, the airport's code OAK and visual brand are to remain intact.

Aimed at sharpening the geographic profile of the airport to travelers inbound, the initiative is a strategic gambit to tap into a broader recognition linked to the globally recognized San Francisco Bay, thus bolstering economic vitality. Port Commission President Barbara Leslie, mindful of the airport’s heft in the regional economy, mentioned, "This will protect our airport's over 30,000 good-paying, direct jobs and $1.6 billion in economic impact on the region," according to the official announcement.

Not standing alone in this endeavor, OAK has garnered affirming nods from its airline partners. Jennifer Bridie, Vice President of Marketing Communications & Strategy at Southwest Airlines, lauded the rebranding plan, telling Oakland Airport, “Oakland helped put us on the map in California and we’re wholeheartedly supportive of this rebranding that acknowledges OAK’s economic position and influence in the San Francisco Bay area while staying true to its Oakland roots.”

The local traveler's clamor for more nonstop flights has not gone unheard, yet to satiate this demand, the key lies in widening the lens through which outsiders view OAK's geographical nexus. Market research and airline partner interviews, in the bid to better air route performance marred by lackluster geographic awareness, have uncovered reticence among air carriers to commit to and expand routes in Oakland. "From July 2008 to March 2024, the Airport added 54 new routes; 39 of these and 6 pre-existing destinations were lost," explained Port of Oakland Interim Director of Aviation Craig Simon, as recounted to Oakland Airport.

Concurrent with the rebranding movement are airport enhancements to elevate the passenger experience. Upgrades include an overhauled Terminal 1 check-in lobby, refreshed restroom facilities, and the introduction of novel, local dining options and concessions. Decisions on the proposed name shift are set to be on the Port Commission's agenda come to their April 11 meeting. If approved, the airport's title transformation will forge ahead, involving coordination with air carriers, other airports, and pertinent local entities to reflect the changed name within the airport and airline operational systems.