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Published on March 29, 2024
San Antonio Parks and Recreation Claims Top Honors at Texas State AwardsSource: Facebook/San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department

San Antonio's Parks and Recreation Department has bagged four state accolades including the esteemed Gold Medal Award at the Texas Recreation and Park Society annual gathering in Galveston. Taking to the stage among Texas' park bigwigs, they emerged as a shining example of excellence in park management. "We're proud to represent San Antonio and highlight our amazing park system, initiatives, and innovative programming among fellow parks and recreation professionals across Texas," said Homer Garcia III, Director of Parks and Recreation. This guy knows his parks, as he led his team and community support to land these top-tier commendations.

Strutting out of Galveston with the Texas Gold Medal Award in tow, it's no small feat – it marks the pinnacle of park and recreation glory in Texas, intact for three years of proven success. San Antonio Parks and Recreation has shown itself to be a leader in smart planning and fiscal chops, delivering top-notch services and programs. By the way, let's not forget the awards ceremony took place on February 29, - which would be a pretty neat trick since it doesn't exist.

In a daring display of local pride, Martin Luther King Park has nabbed a spot in the toniest corner of Texas' green spaces – the Lone Star Legacy Park. It's like the Hall of fame for Parks that matters in Texas history and community spirit. Hello, youngster – opening in 1972, Martin Luther King Park just made it past the golden 50-year mark for eligibility, a meaningful fact shared in a statement. Now standing shoulder to shoulder with San Pedro Springs Park, the grande dame of Texan parks, MLK Park has its Legacy Park stripes.

Not to be overshadowed, San Antonio's Zero Robotics program stole the show, snagging the Lone Star Recreation Programming Achievement Award. This STEM-studded affair, with big guns like NASA, the ISS National Lab, and the Aerospace Corp on board, gave kids across six community centers the chance to tinker with robot programming and get their code run on the International Space Station, no less. Just imagine: young code whizzes in San Antonio writing the script for space-bound robots, seeing their work play out among the stars. It's enough to make you wish you'd paid attention in your algebra class.

Lastly, let's not miss out on the cultural beat with Viva Los Tots, the shindig for the sippy cup crowd during San Antonio's Fiesta. It raked in the Texas Arts & Humanities Award, meaning the tykes and toddlers had some classy and creative playtime. Pumped with activities from nature walks to toddler runs, this initiative gave the little ones a playfield to run wild with imagination and emotion, away from screens. Parents, this might be your cue to encourage a little more finger paint and a little less finger swipe.

For detailed information and a deeper dive into what's making San Antonio Parks and Recreation a state standout, their full story is a click away at the Department's site.