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Published on March 25, 2024
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Establishes No Wake Zone on Fort Loudoun Lake to Enhance SafetySource: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Wave goodbye to high-speed shenanigans on Fort Loudoun Lake. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency isn't playing around when it comes to safety. They've slammed down a No Wake Zone right where Turkey Creek and the Tennessee River meet by the Northshore Drive Bridge, according to a TWRA announcement.

Here's the deal: Boats have been playing bumper-car in these waters, too many accidents for anyone's liking. It's a tight squeeze with the creek dumping boats into the river's main drag, where they have to dodge each other, private docks, fishing bridge pylons, and the Northshore Drive Bridge itself.

Local boaters, dock-owners, and authorities alike are breathing a sigh of relief with this move. The No Wake Zone is like putting a speed bump on a racetrack—it's set to slow things down and ideally, keep folks from getting hurt.

With summer around the corner, the timing's spot on. Boaters gearing up for the high season will need to cool their jets in the newly marked area, which should help everyone chill out, particularly the residents with a front-row seat to the water-based mayhem.