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Published on March 02, 2024
West Oakland Welcomes Brix Factory Brewing with Brewmaster John Gillooly's Unique Ales and IPAsSource: Google Street View

The craft beer scene in West Oakland just got a little frothier with the opening of Brix Factory Brewing. Dedicated beer enthusiasts and locals can now finally taste Brewmaster John Gillooly's creative suds at the official grand opening. As announced on Instagram, the doors swing open at noon, introducing patrons to a diverse tap list from refreshing ales to hop-driven West Coast IPAs.

Gillooly, a seasoned veteran in the craft brewing industry with almost three decades of experience, dipped his proverbial toe into his venture, accompanied by Mike Boals. Both were formerly brewed at Drake's Brewing Company located in San Leandro. "We're just playing around with things," Gillooly said, indicating his focus to rather innovate than merely replicate classic beer styles, as obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle.

A striking pilsner named the Eye of Tasman, brewed with an unusual hop called Superdelic, is on the inaugural menu. The quirky name and packaging were enough to stir Gillooly's creativity. "I thought, seriously? There's a hop called Superdelic, like psychedelic? And they come in a pink box? We're making a beer with that!" he told the San Francisco Chronicle. Other offerings include a classic amber ale reminiscent of a 19th-century brew and a novel blend of blond ale with fruit seltzer, catering to varied palates.

The brewery, inhabiting a 7,500-square-foot space that once housed a print shop and an electric vehicle warehouse, features a 15-barrel brew system and a 500-square-foot patio – dog friendly and soon to be a haven for locals and their furry friends. Tapping into the historic essence of the district and the modern trend of craft beverages, Gillooly has long situated himself in West Oakland since 2009. He saw Brix Factory as a business venture and a commitment to a community standing in anticipation of more social hotspots.

While recent years have witnessed a shaking up of the Bay Area's craft beer market, with industry shakeouts and certain closures, Brix Factory joins a wave of new energy sweeping through the neighborhood. As folks in West Oakland brace themselves for the refreshing tastes of Gillooly's brewing expertise, the scene continues to buzz with the imminent arrival of food joints like June's Pizza and the fried rice pop-up Woo Can Cook, adding to the already vibrant local lineup which includes Ghost Town Brewing and Proyecto Diaz’s coffee offering, as per information provided by the San Francisco Chronicle. Meanwhile, Oakland Ballers pro baseball gears up to bring sporty excitement nearby, promising audiences and aficionados a well-rounded urban experience.