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Published on April 19, 2024
Bay Area's Weekend Weather Sees Split Forecasts with Cool Coast and Warmer InlandSource: Edgar Chaparro echaparro, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bay Area residents can look forward to a mixed bag of weather conditions as we roll into the weekend. According to the National Weather Service Bay Area, coastal dwellers should anticipate a slight cooling this Friday with stubborn low clouds hanging about for much of the day. Conversely, those inland will bask in warmer mid-to-upper 70s temperatures. The weather, like a thermostat stuck in debate, offers something for everyone.

For those enjoying the chill by the coast, things are expected to warm up, but just by a little bit. "Saturday will feature slightly warmer temperatures inland, but only by a few degrees," reported the National Weather Service in their Area Forecast Discussion. It also warns of gusty winds that could reach 25-35 mph in some parts. While holding down their hats, coastal residents might also notice patchy drizzle as they kick off their mornings.

Turning the corner into next week, the Bay Area will experience a weather 180 as conditions metamorphose yet again. While Sunday and Monday promise the return of ridge-led warmth, pushing temperatures near 80 degrees inland, with coastal temps hanging in the 60s and 70s, all good things must come to an end. "A change to more unsettled conditions return as an upper level low approaches the region," the National Weather Service cautions. These cooler, wetter patterns are set to stick around through the latter half of the week, bringing light drizzle and rain.

Maritime conditions are playing it cool, too, with moderate northwest breezes and fair weather through Saturday afternoon, according to the NWS' marine report. However, sailors and sea-farers should beware as the weekend draws closer. Starting Saturday evening, winds from the northwest are expected to amp up, getting strong and gusty, while the swell surges from the same direction into Sunday. Better batten the hatches because while the gusts should mellow by mid-week, a light southerly swell will continue to cruise through the waters.