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Published on April 12, 2024
Bloomington Residents Brace for Property Tax Changes After Local Board ReconvenesSource: Google Street View

Bloomington homeowners' property tax bills might be taking a hit—or getting a break—after an upcoming city meeting. The Bloomington Local Board of Appeal and Equalization is set to have a Reconvene Meeting, if needed, on May 1st at 6:00 p.m. The session may also beam out virtually as state law allows, so you can chime in from the comfort of your home. The gathering's goal is to review the city assessor’s performance to determine if property values and classifications have been fair and square, as reported by the City of Bloomington's official notice.

Please be advised that appeals for property taxes have already been closed, and no new appeals will be entertained. The upcoming meeting will focus solely on the proposals that were presented during the initial session held on April 24. Should you be concerned about a particular figure, rest assured that your case can still be escalated to the County Board of Appeals and Equalization for further review. This is not the end of the road for your property tax concerns.

For those pondering what to do next, reaching out to the city’s assessor's office is the smart move. The folks at 952-563-8722 or [email protected] can provide the insight and assistance you need before stepping into the ring with the board. Before taking your case countywide, you are required by law to present it at the local level.

Those who are hoping to challenge their property taxes should mark May 1st on their calendars. It's crucial to prepare your case beforehand if you intend to appeal. The Bloomington Council Chambers at the Civic Plaza will be the venue where property tax disputes will be heard. It could result in some financial relief or added burden, depending on the city's decision. So, stay informed and stay tuned to the proceedings to ensure you don't miss out on the opportunity to save money.