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Published on April 17, 2024
Dunkin' Donuts Employee Suspected of Shooting Father During Lauderdale Lakes Drive-Thru DisputeSource: Google Street View

A morning run for coffee turned violent when a Dunkin' Donuts worker allegedly shot his father during a drive-thru dispute in Lauderdale Lakes on Monday, authorities say. According to WSVN, the Broward County Sheriff's Office responded to the incident at the Dunkin' Donuts located at 3900 West Oakland Park Boulevard, with the shooting happening around 8:30 a.m., right amidst the morning rush of customers seeking their daily caffeine fix.

BSO spokesperson Miranda Grossman relayed that the confrontation unfolded outside the establishment and, pointedly, "When the shooting occurred, occurred outside, again, in the drive-thru area," adding, "Now, luckily, during all of this, no one else was injured" despite taking place when the locale was bustling with patrons. The victim, identified as the employee's father, was swiftly taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and is expected to survive, by some stroke of grace, only the employee and his father were embroiled in the violent squabble, as reported by WSVN.

Further details obtained by NBC Miami elucidate that the shooting is considered domestic-related, the case is still under wraps with investigations ongoing and no arrests have been made thus far, despite the alleged shooter being detained and questioned by authorities, and yet the identities of the parties involved remain undisclosed.

Initial response to the incident had deputies and SWAT officers canvassing the Dunkin' storefront, as uncertainty clouded whether the employee had holed up inside the venue Grossman described the initial confusion noting, "the employee fled the scene after the shooting, but SWAT responded because authorities weren't sure at first whether the employee had barricaded himself inside the shop." The investigation is set to continue with the Violent Crimes detectives at its helm as they unearth the particulars of what transpired, wrestling with the knowledge at the heart of the matter – the provenance of the firearm and the instigator of the aggression, as per NBC Miami report.

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