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Published on April 03, 2024
Japanese Takoyaki Chain Gindaco Sets Sight on New L.A. Outlet on Sawtelle BlvdSource: Facebook/Gindaco_usa

The streets of L.A. are set to sizzle with yet another outlet of Gindaco, Japan's premier takoyaki chain, primed to open its doors on Sawtelle Blvd. The burgeoning fast-food giant is spreading its tentacles deeper into L.A.'s culinary scene with this latest addition, according to a report by What Now Los Angeles.

At the helm of Gindaco USA, Inc., Naohisa Nakada is not only the CEO but also the primary owner of the new establishment. Nakada is no stranger to success in Southern California, already associated with several businesses including Tenkatori USA and Ramen District. His latest venture is about to fully utilize the undeniable cravings Angelenos have developed for the distinctive, octopus-filled, sauce-smothered balls known as takoyaki.

For those unfamiliar, takoyaki is not just another snack; it's a culinary staple in Japan, bite-sized balls of savory goodness cradling bits of tender octopus, typically finished with a flourish of toppings like Japanese mayo and dried bonito flakes. This street food delight is proving equally irresistible in L.A., where Gindaco first established its North American roots back in 2018.

With more than 500 locations around the globe, including a stronghold of stores across Japan and other parts of Asia, Gindaco is rapidly expanding. From its initial outpost in the South Bay area, Gindaco has steadily grown to operate in several L.A. locations including Gardena, Torrance, and Santa Monica. Now, Sawtelle Blvd. is set to potentially become home to potentially the next go-to spot for takoyaki aficionados.

Gindaco's rise comes under the wing of its parent company, HotLand Co., Ltd. This titan of the Japanese fast-food industry boasts a portfolio of various other concepts, each delivering a taste of Japan's rich culinary tradition to an international audience. As Gindaco continues to expand, L.A.'s food scene is sure to be enriched by a deeper, more flavorful glimpse into Japanese street eats.