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Published on April 17, 2024
VIDEO: Joint Rescue Effort by CHP and SFFD Successfully Airlifts Unconscious Individual from San Francisco's Marshall BeachSource: CHP - Golden Gate Division Air Operations

Last night, a critical beach rescue unfolded as California Highway Patrol's Golden Gate Division Air Operations and San Francisco Fire Department joined forces to airlift an unconscious person from Marshall Beach. The operation involved a CHP helicopter and a San Francisco Fire Department Helicopter Rescue Technician (HRT), who were dispatched after receiving reports of the emergency situation. The rescue mission was a precise coordination of efforts to ensure the patient's safety.

The CHP helicopter, designated as H-30, was first on the scene. Upon arrival, collaborative efforts by the CHP and SFFD teams enabled the SFFD HRT member to deploy and attend to the patient, who was in urgent need of medical attention. The patient, having been stabilized and prepared for transport by the rescue technician, waited as the CHP helicopter, overhead, made the critical hoist. The SFFD paramedics were ready to receive the individual once H-30 completed the extraction maneuver, according to CHP - Golden Gate Division Air Operations.

Details about the circumstances that led to the person's unconscious state on the beach have not been released. As of last reports, the individual was whisked away to a local hospital and is still in critical condition.