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Published on April 15, 2024
Kern's Food Hall Opens in South Knoxville, Revives Historic Bakery with Culinary FlairSource: Google Street View

After a transformative five-year journey, Kern's Food Hall has opened its doors in South Knoxville, revitalizing a historic bakery building into a culinary and creative showcase. The much-anticipated food hub, which was a bakery dating back nearly a century, commenced operations on Saturday, marking a milestone in the city's food scene, as WVLT reported.

The endeavor breathes new life into the old bakery, coupling culinary experiences with a nod to local heritage. Featuring top local chefs and businesses from around Knoxville, including the Atlanta-based Monday Night Brewing, the hall serves as a vibrant community space. "We've just been blown away by the community support. I've had dozens of conversations with people who remember the old bakery here, and they're just thrilled to see this turned into something that's alive, and it has people and vitality. It's pretty rewarding, honestly," Joel Iverson, owner of Monday Night Brewing, told WVLT.

In a unique twist, Vella Crew Studio has recently launched within Kern's Food Hall, catering to photographers, podcasters, and bloggers among others. The studio is positioned as a creativity hub, aimed at aiding content creators with professional resources and space. Kern's Food Hall announced on Facebook, enticing local creatives to "#CreateWithVella" and offering an environment where inspiration and creation collide.

Not just a venue for eating, Kern's Food Hall will also feature pop-ups and food trucks, according to WBIR. The space is designed to amplify the presence of small businesses by providing a centralized location for them to showcase their culinary artistry to a broader audience. Meanwhile, Kern's is on the hunt for a historic carousel that once graced the bakery's exterior, a sentimental piece of the property's legacy they hope to recover.