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Published on April 18, 2024
Los Angeles Advises Caution Before Rescuing Kittens to Avoid Unnecessary Separation from MothersSource: Unsplash / Jari Hytönen

Los Angeles residents, think twice before you scramble to rescue seemingly abandoned kittens in your yard. The City of Los Angeles reposted a notice from LA Animal Services advising folks to exercise caution before picking up any litter of kittens they might find outdoors. Springtime is commonly known as "kittens season" and with it often comes the discovery of newborn felines hidden away in backyards and under porches.

Before embarking on a kitten rescue mission, you're being urged to ensure they're actually in need of help. It turns out that well-meaning individuals may at times prematurely scoop up kittens that are not in fact abandoned, but simply awaiting the return of their mother. To truly gauge whether these furry helpless creatures are orphaned, LA Animal Services suggests a period of watchful waiting.

For those itching to learn what to do after confirming the mother cat hasn't returned, there's a plethora of information available. A visit to the LA Animal Services website will provide access to their "found kitten resources" and a comprehensive "foster kitten handbook." The guide includes critical advice on how to properly care for these young animals and what steps to take if you decide to foster them.

Los Angeles is no stranger to the surge of kittens during this time of year, and with the city's shelters frequently operating at capacity, the community's help plays a significant role. Those who are ready to open their homes and hearts to these young cats can find guidance, support, and essential resources available at their fingertips, just a click away. The direct link to these resources can be found in a tweet from the official City of Los Angeles' LACityPets X account dated April 17th.

LA Animal Services' online resources are key in ensuring that Los Angeles' feline inhabitants receive the best possible start in life. If you happen upon baby kittens, keep in mind the advice: verify then, if necessary, rescue. With the help of potential fosters and the guidance provided, LA Animal Services hopes to continue to care effectively for the influx of kittens that springtime brings.