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Published on April 19, 2024
SFPD Seizes Over 6 Kilos of Narcotics, 13 Suspected Dealers Arrested Near SF LibrarySource: San Francisco Police Department

San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood faced a significant police crackdown this week, with the SFPD snagging over 6 kilos of narcotics and cuffing 13 individuals during a day-long sting. The Tuesday sweep, staging around United Nations Plaza and near the San Francisco Public Library, was part of a broader citywide offensive against street-level drug dealing, as reported by the San Francisco Police Department.

The arrest tally included five individuals suspected of drug peddling - caught with their stashes intended for street sale. Other arrests ranged from simple possession to outstanding warrants and violations of court-issued stay-away orders. A particularly large haul was recovered close to the library, with cops seizing nearly four pounds of various drugs in that precinct alone.

In a statement by the SFPD, officers executed a search warrant linked to an ongoing drug probe. Aided by an SFPD K-9 unit, the search culminated in the discovery and confiscation of firearms, ammo, and over 9 pounds of heavy-duty narcotics like fentanyl, meth, and coke. This bust was a part of the efforts by the multi-faceted team from the Narcotics Unit, the Drug Recognition Expert Team, the Tenderloin Station Patrol/Violence Reduction Team, and the Tenderloin Plainclothes Team.

Furthermore, the San Francisco Police Department commended the support from the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office and the Army National Guard, which were pivotal to the success of the operation. "Our efforts in taking wanted suspects off our streets to hold individuals accountable for selling illegal narcotics and creating a drug crisis on our streets will make streets safer and save lives," underscored the department's commitment to curbing the drug epidemic.

Leading the charge since May 2023, Mayor London Breed’s Drug Market Agency Coordination Center (DMACC) strategizes the war on drugs by pooling city, state, and federal resources to dismantle drug markets, specifically in the Tenderloin and South of Market areas. According to a published report, since its inception, the DMACC's efforts have resulted in the seizure of over 194 kilos of narcotics and more than 3,000 arrests linked to drug activity in these neighborhoods.