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Published on April 27, 2024
Memphis' Orange Mound Tower Set for Renaissance as a Black Innovation HubSource: Google Street View

The ambitious project to revitalize the Orange Mound Tower in Memphis is advancing with the development now entering its design and schematics phase, as per the Memphis Business Journal. This vacant high-rise at 2205 Lamar Avenue will be converted into a vibrant mixed-use complex that is expected to serve as a nexus for Black innovation while also uplifting the historic neighborhood surrounding it.

Formerly housing United Equipment Rentals, the 10-acre site's makeover includes accommodations for artists, with plans for art galleries and artist-supporting spaces like studios and apartments complemented by amenities like a recording and performance venue; the project aims to intertwine commercial and residential elements to create a multifaceted local hub. However, alongside these cultural enhancements, the site will host market-rate multifamily units and office space, anchored by a community courtyard, a strategic arrangement aiming to cater to a diverse set of needs and aspirations within the Orange Mound community.

Driving the redevelopment is a coalition comprised of nonprofit TONE, Unapologetic, and a professional team including the likes of LRK and Aaron Patrick Architects (APA), as well as ComCap, Allworld Project Management, and consultants Darrell Cobbins and Bill Ganus. As reported by WeAreMemphis, this team has raised $2.1 million to progress past the predevelopment hurdles and is orchestrating the project's traction into construction before 2024's curtain closes.

The renovation of Orange Mound Tower represents more than just an architectural endeavor, it signifies a strategic investment in community and cultural development, embodying the ethos of Black innovation, with ambitions tethered to the upliftment of the area's social and economic fabric as detailed by the Memphis Business Journal, spotlighting the project as a beacon for ongoing urban revitalization initiatives. As Memphis witnesses the transformation of this once-idle structure into an active symbol of progress, the stakeholders anticipate the tower's new role as a cornerstone within the spirited landscape of Orange Mound.

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