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Published on April 17, 2024
Nashville in Mourning: TSU Football Player Dies in Hit-and-Run, Suspected Vehicle FoundSource: Google Street View

Tragedy struck early Sunday when Chazan Page, a 20-year-old Tennessee State University football player, was killed in a hit-and-run accident. The incident occurred on Gallatin Pike in Nashville around 1:30 a.m., when Page heroically pushed his girlfriend out of harm's way, saving her from the oncoming vehicle which was traveling at "very high speed," as reported by KIRO7. In the immediate wake of the catastrophe, Metro Police have managed to recently track down the suspected vehicle involved in the fatal accident.

The vehicle, identified as a red Ford Edge, was discovered in the backyard of a residence on Oakhurst Drive. According to NewsChannel5, it is believed to directly be linked with the hit-and-run case. Efforts by Metro Police to quickly apprehend the responsible driver are in full force, as they pursue leads to unmask the individual behind the wheel.

Page had reportedly been walking his girlfriend and several friends to their car when the incident occurred. The selfless act of saving another's life has left the TSU community and those beyond in a state of shared sorrow and disbelief. Metro Police recovered the suspected hit-and-run vehicle, the Ford Edge, on Monday night from the same backyard on Oakhurst Dr., as stated in a report by FOX 17.

In a statement, MNPD indicated they are committed to bringing the person responsible to justice and have asked for the public's assistance in the case. As this unfortunate story unfolds, the heartbreak of losing such a young and promising student-athlete in such a senseless manner continues to resonate deeply within the Nashville community and beyond.