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Published on April 11, 2024
Portland's Weekend Forecast Shows Signs of Spring with Sun Spells and SprinklesSource: Unsplash/engin akyurt

Portland's weather forecast is certainly not giving residents any reason to be tickled pink. While a tiny chance of rain might try to crash the party late in the afternoon today, most Portlanders are hauling out the light jackets as the thermometer nudges toward a respectable high near 63 degrees. The light breeze making a guest appearance from the southwest at 5 to 7 mph is barely enough to mess up your hairdo. But don't let the calm before the storm fool you; tonight's showers are about as likely as finding a vegan restaurant in this city, with a 70 percent chance you'll need an umbrella post-midnight. And yes, for those moisture-phobic folks, you might escape with barely a sprinkle as "new precipitation amounts of less than a tenth of an inch possible" are predicted, according to the National Weather Service.

For those with plans this Friday, keep an eye out for some lingering showers in the morning. However, clouds are expected to burn off faster than the time it takes for your local barista to whip up a soy latte, leaving most of the day mostly sunny with a high flirting with 64 degrees. That's a t-shirt kind of day if we ever saw one. But don't get too comfy; as night falls, temperatures will cool down to a low around 46 degrees, although the north northwest wind at 6 to 10 mph will try to thoroughly chill your bones.

All you vitamin D-starved Portlanders look set to get a generous dose of sunshine on Saturday. The forecast gleams brighter than a hipster's vintage bicycle on a sunny day, with mostly sunny skies and highs boldly soaring to around 74 degrees. "Northwest wind 6 to 9 mph," so it's a perfect day to rock those ironic t-shirts and enjoy the city. Come Saturday night, though, it's a different tune with temperatures dipping to a partly cloudy low around 45, as per the National Weather Service.

Sunday's skies are playing hard to get with only "partly sunny" conditions, as if making up for the previous day's generosity. Highs are expected to hover around 63 degrees, which isn't exactly a reason to break out the confetti. And as Sunday night draws close, the clouds are rolling in like uninvited guests, bringing a chance of showers before the stroke of midnight. The anticipation for rain continues into Monday and Tuesday, with the NWS warning of a "chance of showers," and temperatures expected to take a nosedive to a high near 56 degrees on Monday and rising to around 59 by Tuesday. But hey, it's Portland, and Mother Nature is more unpredictable than a city council vote. For the full play by play, check out the NWS website.

If you're keeping score, Wednesday is looking to be the comeback kid, with "mostly sunny" weather and a high back up to a more palatable 63 degrees. As always, in this city that prides itself on keeping it weird, the only thing that stays the same is change—especially when it comes to the weather.