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Published on May 19, 2024
Portland Police Score Win with 19 Arrests and Recovered Goods in Retail Theft CrackdownSource: Portland Police Bureau Website

In a major crackdown on retail theft, the Portland Police Bureau's East Precinct hit the jackpot with a hefty haul of collars and recovered goods. On May 17, the officers, alongside the K9 Unit and Air Support Unit, swarmed the shopping areas of Mall 205 and Gateway nabbing 19 suspects, reclaiming two stolen vehicles, and recovering approximately $2,000 worth of pilfered merchandise.

Detailing the bust, the official Portland Police press release states that efforts to collar the alleged thieves involved working hand-in-glove with retail heavyweights in the area. The arrest party rounded up six felony charges, 23 misdemeanors, and six criminal citations, showing the authorities ain’t messing around when it comes to organized retail crime.

A press release from the PPB elaborated that organizing these theft missions is central to maintaining the ebb and flow of the business communities. Focusing on spots hit hard by crime, they hope to preserve the hustle of local stores serving Portland's folks. "Retail theft is often more than just shoplifting items for personal use," the release underscored, highlighting the connection of these crimes to broader criminal networks dealing in guns, drugs, and other illicit activities.

The collaborative work didn't go unnoticed, with the PPB extended a nod of gratitude to their partners and the Multnomah County District Attorney's Retail Theft Task Force. With a raft of charges on the books. Mission reports show a tally of 12 felony and misdemeanor warrants, 11 subject contacts, and a few high-speed chases that ended with spike strips and vehicles getting towed.