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Published on April 20, 2024
Riverside Sheriff's Sweep Finds Most Sex Offenders Compliant; Warrants Sought for Two ViolatorsSource: Riverside County Sheriff

Law enforcement in Riverside County took to the streets, ensuring sex offenders were playing by the rules. On Thursday, the Southwest Sheriff's Station carried out a thorough check across its reaches, dropping by the homes of 74 registered sex offenders, as reported by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. Their mission: to ensure these individuals stuck to the letter of their post-conviction script.

Combing the county, deputies found most had toed the line; 72 out of 74 kept their noses clean. But not all made the grade – two sex offenders flouted the rules, prompting officers to go by the book. In response to those found shirking their duties, the Riverside Sheriff's Department is sparing none in its quest for justice, seeking arrest warrants against these violators.

A clear message rang out from Thursday's sweep – the Southwest Sheriff’s Station doesn't play when it comes to compliance. According to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, they're "aggressively pursuing prosecution of those sex registrants who fail to comply with their registration requirements." This proactive strategy isn't a one-off; similar checks will regularly put registered offenders to the test, with their feet kept firmly to the fire.

The Southwest Sheriff’s Station lays it all out for residents too, who, looking to stay informed, can visit the Megan’s Law website. On this online platform, information about local registered sex offenders is no more than a click away. A single visit to www.meganslaw.ca.gov can brush up on anyone's neighborhood safety knowledge, door by door, face by face, offering peace of mind or, perhaps, a cause for vigilance.