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Published on April 22, 2024
Texans Prepare for Local Elections, Voters Guide for May 4 Races and Bond PropositionsSource: Unsplash/Element5 Digital

If you're a Texas voter, it's time to gear up for the local elections on May 4, whether you're choosing city officials or deciding on bond propositions, your input matters and KVUE has delivered a comprehensive guide to ensure you're prepared. Early voting kicks off April 22, stretching until April 30, but if you miss that window, be ready to cast your vote on Election Day, according to KVUE.

Getting ahead of the game, Texans can vote at any early voting location within their county of residence, and for those in CWPP counties, this freedom extends to Election Day polling spots, while voters in non-participating counties will need to report to their assigned locations to vote, as cited by KVUE. If you're unsure about your registration status or need election day details, they've provided tools online to keep you informed and prepared for the big day.

Identification is key when it comes to voting in the Lone Star State—be ready to present one of several approved forms of photo ID at the polls. Need a list? KVUE lays it out, from Texas Driver Licenses to U.S. Passports—and, for voters without these, supplementary measures are in place as a safeguard for their constitutional right, as explained in their election guide.

There's more on the ballot than just officials' names; Texans can expect to see a plethora of bond propositions, with over 200 elections statewide including ones that could enable the City of Dallas to borrow a hefty $1.25 billion for various projects—NBCDFW reports in their voter guide that some Appraisal District Board Members though in the running, won't be up for election due to a lack of opposition or candidates, leading to appointments instead.