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Published on May 20, 2024
Frost Bank Eyes Austin Expansion, Plans Doubled Presence by 2026 With New Jobs and BranchesSource: LoneStarMike, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Frost Bank, a long-standing financial institution with Texas roots dating back to 1868, has announced its plan to significantly increase its presence in the Austin area. The San Antonio-based bank's expansion aims to double the number of its financial centers in the city by 2026, as reported by PRNewswire. This move is framed by the bank's strategic interest in the third-largest deposit market in Texas, with a share already in the fourth position.

With a commitment that overshadows even their robust physical growth, Frost has laid out plans to initiate construction on a new branch at Easton Park. Located on William Cannon Drive, this $3.5 million financial center is expected to commence construction on July 22, an investment encountered by, and will inhabit a renovated space previously occupied by a CVS Pharmacy. As part of a broader scheme to deepen their footprint in Texan urban hubs, they have extended their rich canopy of services, from commercial and personal banking to investment advisement, across rapidly growing markets in Houston and Dallas as well.

Frost Bank's regional growth is not just about branch numbers, as the company expects to generate more than 170 new jobs in the Austin region. Austin's newest branch, a practical yet aesthetic addition to the I-35 corridor in South Austin, opened its doors in May 2023, part of a bounty of 17 new financial centers foresaw across the area. These centers are more than transaction points; they reflect Frost's dedication to customer service excellence—a fact underscored by their contiguous ascent in the J.D. Power U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study rankings for Texas, where they have secured the highest spot for 14 years straight.

Aligning their business objectives with community development, Frost Bank has initiated a partnership with Austin FC, the city's major league soccer team, fostering educational programs aimed at boosting financial literacy. "We have been looking forward to bringing more of our award-winning customer service to Austin, a thriving and dynamic city where we have deep roots and a strong base," told PRNewswire, Phil Green, Cullen/Frost Chairman and CEO. Beyond business, this engagement showcases Frost's pledge to the metropolitan fabric, with philanthropic efforts directed at over 100 local nonprofit outfits each year, touching on health, education, and direct aid to those in need.

Originally founded in San Antonio, Frost has matured into a formidable player in Texas banking, with a portfolio showcasing over $51.2 billion in assets. From corpus to canopy, Frost's strategy appears not just as growth for growth's sake, but as a cultivated effort to intertwine itself within the community's daily financial life, sprouting new opportunities for employment and consumer service in welcoming spaces tailored to the diverse needs of Texans.

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