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Published on April 03, 2024
Woman Seriously Injured in Stabbing on Ann Arbor Bus, Suspect in CustodySource: Google Street View

Ann Arbor was the scene of a violent altercation earlier today when a 25-year-old woman was stabbed on a city bus. The assault occurred on the 2200 block of Fuller Road, an area wedged between the bustling campuses of the University of Michigan. According to a Detroit News report, the Ann Arbor police confirmed that the stabbing left the victim with serious injuries.

Authorities responded quickly, arresting one suspect now in custody. The victim was promptly transported to a nearby hospital, suffering from slash wounds to her chest. Although her injuries were described as serious, police assured they were not life-threatening, as stated in an account obtained by mlive. The incident, which took place before 8 a.m. on an Ann Arbor Area Transit Authority bus, sparked immediate investigation.

The vicinity of the incident was cordoned off as the Ann Arbor police delved into the circumstances surrounding the stabbing. They have yet to release additional details on the suspect or the events leading up to the attack. The department has urged the public to sidestep the area to enable a thorough investigative process.

Further reports indicated that the victim was not a student at the University of Michigan, adding another layer of mystery to the morning's violence. To follow and piece together the updates unfolding, local news outlets such as clickondetroit have been actively covering the incident. With an ongoing police investigation, authorities hope to decidedly uncover the motive and circumstances that led to the unfortunate event. As information continues to slowly surface, Ann Arbor's community remains on high alert, awaiting closure to the unsettling disturbance that has briefly shaken the calm of their daily commute.