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Published on April 20, 2024
Wright County License Center Revamp Leads to 23% Increase in Transactions and Shorter Wait TimesSource: Google Street View

Visitors to the Wright County License Center are now being treated to a faster, less stressful experience, thanks to recent renovations and technological upgrades. The License Center, once known for its sluggish pace and cramped quarters, has shed its old skin and wrapped its operations in new efficiency with its first year in a new location leading to a 23 percent jump in processed transactions, reported figures indicate.

The once-dreaded wait times that extended between 30 to 60 minutes for simple tasks like renewing license tabs have been nearly eradicated. As License Center Supervisor Jessie Gadach suggests, "We're no longer 'in the basement'" – referencing their gloomy former space as Gadach expressed in a statement. The transformative move has provided the staff and visitors with a larger, more welcoming space boosting both morale and service quality.

Notable features of the new License Center include a spacious waiting room that seats around 60 people, a far cry from the single queuing line at the old Government Center. There are also amenities like vending machines and readily accessible restrooms that incorporate previous customer feedback, enhancing the overall experience, Gadach shared. Addressing the volume of customers – roughly 6,000 a month – the center has also brought new services to the table such as a drive-thru option, and a 24-hour drive-up drop box for processing license tab renewals.

Speed and convenience have not only improved from architectural and spatial changes but from technological ones as well. Upon arrival, customers interact with a kiosk system that sorts them into queues based on the services they need. "The kiosk allows us to serve more customers more efficiently," stated Gadach, pointing out the impact the technology has had in keeping the customer flow brisk and orderly. The License Center, which processed 75,000 transactions in 2023, can attribute much of its current success to this kiosk-driven approach that caters to both less complex and more involved transactions simultaneously.

Gadach also remarks on the positive atmosphere fostered by the new design and process, which appears to have also lifted the spirits of the staff. "I'm very lucky to have a great team who bring positivity to work every day and do such a great job providing excellent customer service to all those who use our License Center," https://www.co.wright.mn.us/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=4323. Staff now function in an environment designed not only for efficiency but with a human touch, breaking away from the infamous "classic DMV experience" toward something more akin to community and satisfaction.