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Published on May 26, 2024
Doylestown Enchanted by Black Bear Visitor as Authorities Work to Safely Capture Roaming CreatureSource: Unsplash/ Pete Nuij

A black bear has caught the attention of Doylestown residents after being spotted multiple times in backyards around the area, with local authorities now on its trail. According to FOX 29, the bear made an unexpected appearance in the neighborhood of Ferry Road and Iron Hill Road, making itself the center of conversations among town folk.

In new footage, the creature can be seen boldly strolling through one backyard in broad daylight, a sight that left resident Jeremy Deppeler freezing in place, as he remarked, "It was right there within a baseball shot away from us and so we both kind of froze," which he said during an interview with 6abc. The Pennsylvania Game Commission has been alerted and is now pursuing the animal, confirmed by another report from FOX 29 which showed a video of the animal captured by Deppeler after he and others in his neighborhood were alerted to its presence over a group text.

Scott Matlack of Twin Oaks Road encountered the bear cub up close when he caught it eyeing him from the other side of his fence, the bold bear even attempted to scale a pole to access his bird feeder, a sighting corroborated by 6abc. The Game Commission has set up traps baited with sweets to capture the bear, but so far, the animal has eluded them, preferring instead to wander Doylestown. Residents like Katie Deppeler have taken the situation in stride, "Honestly, I think it’s amazing! I love it! It’s fun!" she expressed her admiration in a statement obtained by FOX 29, indicating a community enchanted by the excitement stirred by the wild animal.

Even as families enjoyed their time out in the sun around the usually peaceful Peace Valley Park, they did so with a new sense of vigilance, the local celebrity bear making itself known but not yet disrupting the spirit of the holiday weekend, the bear's escapades not enough to deter people from enjoying their daytime activities. State Game Warden James Crown has advised the public to maintain distance and refrain from interacting with the roaming bear, stating, "Please don't approach it. Please don't try to throw food at it. Please don't try to get really close and take a picture. It is a wild animal. They are unpredictable," as reported by 6abc.

Doylestown Township police have been notified of the sightings and are canvassing the area for the bear, with residents instructed to report any sightings to their nonemergency line. Jeremy Deppeler, who had previously remarked to PhillyBurbs that his son lamented the lack of "cool wildlife" around, ironically can no longer make that claim after their close encounter with the wandering black bear.