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Published on May 24, 2024
Expect Delays on I-95 in Northeast Philly as PennDOT Prepares for Nighttime Core Borings Next WeekSource: Unsplash/ Nabeel Syed

Get ready for a bit of the old stop-and-go if you're headed out on I-95 through Northeast Philly next week. PennDOT's digging deep, gearing up for some nighttime core borings that are gonna have drivers seeing the brake lights. The PennDOT crew will be out from Tuesday, May 28, through Thursday, May 30, yanking a chunk of the road to get a peek underneath, from 8 PM to 5 AM the next morning. So if you're hustling through between the Betsy Ross Bridge and Allegheny Avenue interchanges, expect to squeeze into fewer lanes.

Here's the deal, there's an I-95 reconstruction project on the horizon, dubbed I-95/AF3, and they'll be tearing up northbound lanes from Ann Street all the way to Wheatsheaf Lane when they kick it off in 2025. This upcoming week's work, it's just the opening act—part of getting the blueprint ready. And as always, it's all at the mercy of Mother Nature. Just a heads up, all this mess could go sideways if the weather doesn't play nice.

As for the late-night drivers, PennDOT's throwing out a friendly reminder to keep your eyes peeled and slow down around the work zone. Safety first, right? Plus, nobody wants an unexpected meet and greet with a orange construction barrel. And if by chance there are any changes, keep an ear to the ground, or at least to PennDOT's announcements for the latest.