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Published on May 23, 2024
Houston Speeds Up Home Repair Permits After Devastating Storms, Simplifies Recovery ProcessSource: Google Street View

In the wake of last week's devastating storms that swept through Houston, the city announced a streamlined approach for residents seeking to repair their battered homes. According to an official release, the Houston Permitting Center along with the Planning and Development Department will be rolling out expedited services meant to cut through the red tape, allowing families to quickly restore their properties to former glory.

The effort zeroes in on essential repairs by fast-tracking permits for weatherheads, critical in restoring electricity, as well as permits for roof repairs and minor structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing fixes. Residents with plans to mend their homes should nevertheless check with neighborhood deed restrictions to avoid potential clashes. The city recommends that applicants utilize their iPermits system for efficient handling, and advises providing an eight-digit project number and project address to the permitting section to grease the bureaucratic wheels.

Fortunately for many, not all repair work will be bogged down by paperwork. The city's leniency extends to tasks such as tarping, fence replacements under 8 feet, straightforward painting jobs, and replacing certain amounts of drywall, roof covering, and exterior wood. This reduced oversight means that handymen and property owners can promptly address at least some storm damage without the added headache of permit applications.

For a full rundown of the expedited permit process and guidance on repairs that are exempt from permits, Houstonians are directed to the Houston Permitting Center website. Concerned citizens can also reach out by phone at 832.394.8899 or by email for personal assistance and further information.