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Published on May 24, 2024
Outta Sight Pizza Plans New Chinatown Location, Promising a Fall Opening in San FranciscoSource: Google Street View

San Francisco's acclaimed pizzeria, Outta Sight Pizza, is set to expand its reach by opening a new location in Chinatown. Eric Ehler, the chef and owner behind the popular pizza joint, took to Instagram to announce the lease of a new space at 643 Clay Street. Known for its San Francisco-style slices, Outta Sight has been a local hit since its 2020 debut on Larkin Street. As reported by Eater San Francisco, there's no confirmed opening date yet, but expectations are set for a grand inauguration this fall.

"We just signed a lease to open up a new shop at 643 Clay Street in Chinatown. We're hoping to open up by the fall, so stay tuned for updates," the company stated on its Instagram page. Echoing this community-oriented spirit, Ehler wrote, "This will be a Chinatown pizza shop through and through." The local cuisine scene buzzes with anticipation as this new undertaking promises to charm the diverse palates of the neighborhood, ranging from the long-time residents to the hustling office workers in the vicinity.

Outta Sight Pizza garnered swift popularity with its signature pies, from the classic pesto to special editions featuring char siu. Not just resting on its laurels for pizza, Outta Sight has also won acclaim for its delectable sandwiches. They've been a prominent culinary force at their location and through collaborations, managing the food and drink selections at the iconic Great American Music Hall and making appearances at beer joints like Toronado. Ehler's passion for his city and advocacy for the Tenderloin, the spot of Outta Sight's original shop, has been clear, with him frequently singing praises of his favorite local food spots.

The expansion signals not just business growth but also a homecoming for Ehler. Before launching his successful pizzeria, he sharpened his culinary blades as a sous chef at the Michelin-starred restaurant Mister Jiu’s. "We are here because we love Chinatown," Ehler promised via the company's Instagram, reflecting a desire to embrace and contribute wholly to the local community's fabric.