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Published on June 16, 2024
Renowned Miami-Chicago Chef to Open Restaurant as Part of Transamerica Pyramid Rebirth in San FranciscoSource: Unsplash / Denys Nevozhai

The iconic Transamerica Pyramid is approaching its public reopening, scheduled for September 12, involving more than just an architectural facelift. According to a report from the San Francisco Chronicle, the $400 million revamp includes the introduction of upscale dining with Chef Bradley Kilgore, a top-tier chef known for his culinary prowess in Miami, setting up shop in the Transamerica block.

Kilgore, named Best New Chef in America by Food & Wine magazine in 2016, will open a restaurant at 545 Sansome St., part of the Transamerica block's redevelopment. Details of the new establishment remain close to the chest, but anticipation surges for the Miami chef's fresh venture, the Chronicle reported. Kilgore's arrival marks a significant moment for the city's dining scene, especially after the closure of his prior Miami-based venues, Alter, Kaido, Ember, and Brava by Brad Kilgore in the face of the early pandemic, according to SFGATE.

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Apart from the introduction of Kilgore's culinary expertise, the Transamerica Pyramid's top floor will feature a private bar and lounge reserved for office tenants. Meanwhile, the TEDAI conference, a premier event in the field of artificial intelligence, has named the pyramid its "hospitality partner," a clear sign that the building aims to blend business and leisure in the heart of the city's historic business district, "said Michael Shvo," the building's owner, in an interview with the Chronicle.

While the Transamerica Pyramid's rebirth is a welcome change, the ripple effects of the area's transformation had previously impacted legacy businesses like Sai’s Vietnamese restaurant. Luckily, after being served a 30-day notice to vacate last year, Sai’s found a new location at the former Bask restaurant site, thanks in part to efforts by Supervisor Aaron Peskin and financial support from real estate developer SHVO, as detailed by Hoodline. With an expanded bar and catering operation, Sai's has not just survived but now has the means to thrive under its new guise, Sai's Vietnamese Restaurant & Bar.

Beyond dining, the Transamerica Pyramid's modernization includes a refreshed redwood tree park and a collaboration with architect Foster + Partners to add six stories to the 545 Sansome St. building, where Kilgore's restaurant will be housed. This project is not only an upgrade to the structure but also a nod to San Francisco's ever-evolving identity as a nexus of innovation, cuisine, and thought leadership on the global stage. Shvo alluded to this vision, stating, "When we open in September to the public, and introduce the new shops and restaurant and everything that we've been doing there, it will totally change the neighborhood," in a statement obtained by the Chronicle. With the impending launch of the restaurant and the TEDAI conference around the corner, the Transamerica Pyramid once again seeks to affirm its place at the vanguard of San Francisco's bustling urban canvas.