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Published on June 13, 2024
Luxury Air Travel for Dogs Takes Off from San Francisco as BARK Air Launches New RoutesSource: Dllu, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The skies over the Bay Area just became more pet-friendly as BARK Air, an airline that caters to the canine crowd, is now taking flights from San Francisco, offering luxurious air travel to dogs and their human companions, no crates required. KRON4 reports that this "white paw" service is operated through a charter company utilizing Gulfstream G5s, ensuring both two-legged and four-legged passengers ample room to recline and relax without the confines of traditional commercial flights.

As the airline's bespoke accommodations draw travelers, BARK Air has announced the expansion of its network to include seven new routes, responding to significant demand since its maiden voyage in late May. Forbes details this expansion that broadens BARK Air's paw print from coast to coast and overseas to destinations including Paris, Chicago, and Miami, acknowledging the enthusiasm pet owners have shown for a service that forgoes the cargo hold for a seat in the cabin.

Ticket prices for this specialized mode of travel do not come cheaply, with one-way fares from San Francisco to New York priced at $6,500 for a dog and its owner. According to KRON4, BARK Air is keen on reducing these expenses as the scale of its operations increases. These high costs, however, come with perks designed to ease the stress of travel, such as in-flight bone broth and BARK-branded treats.

Confirming the added routes via an Instagram post, BARK Air touted the growing demand for its services, with fall bookings already underway, and encouraging interested parties to visit their website or direct inquiries through their Instagram profile. "The interest and enthusiasm around Bark Air to date have been overwhelming," BARK's Co-founder and CEO Matt Meeker conveyed in a statement, as per Forbes, expressing excitement at bringing the "unique, stress-free dog-centric travel experience to even more families."