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Published on May 28, 2024
Philadelphia Seniors, Ages 102 and 100, Say 'I Do' in Record-Breaking NuptialsSource: Unsplash/Sandy Millar

A centenarian love story unfolds as two Philly seniors tie the knot, becoming what's believed to be the world's oldest newlyweds. The lovebirds, 102-year-old Bernie Littman, and his 100-year-old bride, Selma Fiterman, exchanged vows in front of friends and family, setting a new bar for late-life love.

Both had lived full lives before meeting at their assisted living facility, with Littman a widower after 65 years of marriage and Fiterman a widow since 1999. Yet, love knows no age, as the senior couple surprised their loved ones with their unexpected nuptials, as reported by Fox News Digital. Their decision to wed surprised even their families, who "assumed they would just live out their days status quo," according to Littman's family.

As the couple recited their vows, Rabbi Avrohom Wohlberg couldn't help but highlight the extraordinary nature of their union. "I don’t know if you ever imagined finding love again after Morris passed from this world. But then Bernie appeared and you realized that someone incredibly special had come into your life," he said at the ceremony. Their shared alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, where they nearly met decades earlier, now has another potential feature for its alumni magazine.

Not just content with declaring their love, the Littman-Fiterman duo are likely to make it into the Guinness World Records. With a combined age of 202, they would beat previous record-holders by about eight years, reports The JC. "Our application is pending, but we believe it is the Guinness World Record for ‘oldest aggregate age couple to marry'," said a family member.

This heartwarming event coincides with Mayor Cherelle L. Parker's focus on community as she addresses the Rise & Shine Philly Brunch. Emphasizing the importance of unity and collective progress, the Mayor's keynote speech at the Pennsylvania Restaurant & ​Lodging Association hosted an event at the Four Seasons Hotel marking a day of celebration on multiple fronts in Philadelphia.