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Published on May 09, 2024
Phillies Fan's Search for Lost Wedding Band Goes Viral Amid Team's Social Media SupportSource: Dough4872, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The hunt is on for a priceless piece of Phillies fandom after a wedding band was lost amidst a wave of excitement at Citizens Bank Park. Mary Rossano's prized gold band with diamond cuts, which adorned her finger for the past 27 years, dived into the unknown as she and others in the stands rose to cheer a Bryce Harper three-run homer this Sunday night. Samantha Rossano, her daughter, recounted the mishap in an interview with CBS News Philadelphia, saying they all got up, and her mother's ring must've slipped off because when the excitement died down, it was nowhere to be found.

The ring remained elusive despite a fervent search by the Rossanos and the compassionate crowd around them. The post detailing their plight has gone viral within The Philadelphia Phillies Fan Group on Facebook, reaching over 1,100 shares. Phillies fans near and far are keeping their eyes peeled, returning to the scene of the sentimental casualty Tuesday night at the team's behest, with no success in hand. In a bid to console his distraught wife, Mary's husband has promised a replacement—yet the original remains irreplaceable, "He was upset. I was crying on the phone, so he was a little bit upset. He’s easy going so he was kind of like, ‘It’s ok don’t worry about it, we’ll buy you another one.’ But it’s not the same," Mary told FOX 29 News.

The team's fan base is known for its vibrant spirit and camaraderie, which is now spilling over as the community echoes Mary's plea for the return of her treasure, "I just hope that whoever finds it, please return my ring. That’s all," she said to FOX 29 News.