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Published on May 20, 2024
San Antonio Celebrates Culinary Heritage with Tejas Tastebuds' Aguas Frescas EventSource: Facebook/City of San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation

San Antonio's Office of Historic Preservation, in a nod to the old-school, is hosting an event that's all about Aguas Frescas — a staple refreshment that's part of the city's rich food tapestry. In partnership with Casa Navarro State Historic Site and other local history aficionados, Tejas Tastebuds is a can't-miss culinary throwback happening tomorrow at 6 p.m. The Aguas Frescas gig, featuring a live demo and tasting session, promises to tickle taste buds with flavors that have been slaking thirsts since the 1870s.

Last year, Tejas Tastebuds kicked off their historical foodie series and decided to keep the party going, according to an article KSAT. For those hoping to glean a slice of San Antonio's edible past, circling May 21 on your calendar is a must. But mind you, it's not a walk-in affair; hopeful attendees must sign up in advance to secure a spot. Registration and additional program info can be bagged by reaching out to Claudia Espinosa via the email provided in the article.

Setting up shop at Casa Navarro State Historic Site, the event's location just off South Laredo Street is a stone's throw from Interstate 10 — a convenience for locals and travelers alike. It's a rare opportunity to drink in the city's history, quite literally, with a serving of Aguas Frescas that's bound to bring the past to life with every gulp. Last year's installation was a hit, setting the bar high for this year's nostalgic nod to tradition.

Featured at the heart of downtown, the historical whirlwind won't just be a treat for the tongue but an educational experience as well. FOX San Antonio boasts that attendees will witness the Aguas Frescas come together, combining simple ingredients to craft the legendary libation once sipped on San Antonio streets centuries ago. With space limited and registration required, the event is stirring up plenty of buzz, so those thirsting for a glimpse into the culinary yesteryears should act quickly.

If you're looking to steep yourself in San Antonio's culinary heritage or just searching for a refreshing twist on preservation, Tejas Tastebuds has got it bottled up. As these sippers have withstood the test of time, so seems the city's commitment to honoring and sharing its gustatory legacy one flavorful event at a time.