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Published on May 27, 2024
San Antonio’s Top Eateries and Burgers for 2024 Revealed by Critic Mike SutterSource: Unsplash/

San Antonio's food scene has got tongues wagging with culinary critic Mike Sutter revealing his handpicked lineup of this year's top eateries and burger havens in the city. Sharing his expertise with the San Antonio Express-News, the revered foodie has refreshed his rankings, pinpointing the crème de la crème that are redefining dining tables across the Texan city. For those who worship at the altar of burgers, Sutter's top 10 burgers for 2024 are a testament to San Antonio's unwavering dedication to the craft.

Fixated by Sutter's latest lineup, the spotlight shines on Mark's Outing, which turned heads with its rewarding 2-pound Lineman Burger battle, prompt enough to conquer its competition. As patrons vie for their spot on the "finisher" wall, Mark Outing himself told San Antonio Express-News, "I think we’re creatures that don’t want to be conquered," cementing the joint's number one rank. But it's not just about the hefty; Sutter's picks highlight a presumable smorgasbord of burgers, that range from the traditional, no-frills approach seen at places like Best Burger, to the ambition-laden stacks at Big'z, each bringing their A-game to the foodie battlefield.

San Antonio's restaurant symphony doesn't end with burgers, though. Sutter dishes out his top 25 restaurants, with Garcia's clinching the crown for its take on the iconic Mexican fare, as stated in a San Antonio Express-News report. The Garcia brothers keep the spirit alive with their concoctions that pull on the city's heartstrings. Not trailing far behind on this culinary playlist, Madurai Mes dazzles with its Southern Indian cuisine under the wizardry of Banerji Satish Kumar, a former student of the renowned Chef Damu, ensuring that traditional thali arrangements don't get lost in translation.

When it comes to the harmony of flavors, Sutter doesn't shy away from noting the standout mergers seen at modest newcomers forging ties between Mexican and Cuban eats at office park bites. And not to miss a beat, Magpie at Hackberry Market struts its stuff, where Chef Jŭngsūk “Sue” Kim plates up a bold marriage of Korean and American palates, allowing San Antonio gourmands to indulge in dishes that spark joy and just the right amount of culinary cacophony. While each restaurant sings its own unique tune, together they compose the gastronomic melody that San Antonio hums throughout this year.