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Published on May 14, 2024
Somerset County Alert: PennDOT Launches SR 403 Roadwork in Hooversville, Expect DelaysSource: Google Street View

PennDOT is rolling out the next phase of its State Route 403 improvement saga and it's steering straight through Hooversville's southern end. Starting sharp on Tuesday, the pave-busting party kicks off from Number 3 Road to Grove Avenue, clamping down a stretch with a 9-foot-wide single-lane squeeze, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

While PennDOT is promising only minor delays, anyone who's sat through "minor" construction knows to add a pinch of salt to that estimate. Especially when 'temporary' traffic lights and more concrete barriers than a skate park's obstacle course start sprouting up. Drivers should brace for 5 to 15 minutes of added commute spice, and keep their eyes peeled for an orange cone-infested obstacle course—complete with flaggers, signs, and wandering construction folk.

Sure, it's for a good cause. The project's serving up a brand spanking new 48-inch x 76-inch elliptical pipe to replace the old box culvert that's probably as tired as we are of detours. Throw in some fresh asphalt and miscellaneous construction seasoning, and voila—infrastructure alchemy from May 14th through May 31st.

According to PennDOT, this shift down to Hooversville's southside comes hot on the heels of wrapping up the Folly Lane to Number 3 Road stretch. A brand new steel mesh, thrown up alongside the road like a net to catch misbehaving rocks, and more pre-cast concrete barriers to keep things tight, are part of the freshly minted upgrades. And let's not forget the milling, overlay, and the rest of the construction potpourri that went down.

For those who navigate this corridor like a morning ritual, PennDOT's message is clear—sit tight, grip that steering wheel, and watch for the signs. In the grand scheme, it's a short-term nuisance for that long-awaited spiffy road. Just remember, keep your cool in the construction zone, or you might just find your patience wearing as thin as a traffic cone at a demolition derby.