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Published on June 11, 2024
Arizona State Hospital Revolutionizes Psychiatric Care with Innovative 'Lunch and Learn' SessionsSource: Google Street View

In a city often characterized by its health and wellness trends, Arizona's own Arizona State Hospital (ASH) is quietly setting a standard for compassionate psychiatric care that's anything but fleeting. According to a recent blog post on the Director's Blog of the Arizona Department of Health Services, ASH is pushing the envelope in mental health care through a monthly program aimed at keeping staff skilled in the art of offering high-caliber psychiatric assistance.

The hospital turns the tables on traditional inpatient care with its Lunch and Learn sessions. These gatherings are more than a chance to grab a bite; they're a breeding ground for the latest methods in patient treatment. All staff, from the top-down, are enveloped in training that places a heavy focus on what it really means to be present with patients. This training runs the gamut from recognizing one's own reactions to patient behavior, to strategies for avoiding the common power struggles that can occur in psychiatric settings. It seems there's an inherent understanding at ASH that to provide true quality care, the journey starts inward with self-reflection and education.

Staff at ASH are encouraged to ask themselves a litany of probing questions. "How do I remain professional and in the best frame of mind to provide compassionate care?" and "What do I need to prepare myself for my next patient interaction?" These aren't just musings, but the scaffoldings of a thoughtful care framework designed to lead to better outcomes for patients. With such a person-centric approach, the hospital fosters a space where managing illness becomes synonymous with learning essential life skills that can thread into a patient's life beyond the hospital walls.

The Arizona State Hospital doesn't just champion principles – it integrates them into the threads of its very fabric. Empathy and validation aren't just talked about; they're acted out through the attentive nature of its staff. And it's not just limited to patients. ASH is committed to setting an environment where patients can thrive post-discharge in their communities. This means imparting healthy interpersonal and coping skills during their in-house treatment. Their approach encapsulates a full 360-degree view on mental health, one that holistically takes into account the patient's life in-hospital and after reintegration into society. It's a solid reminder that care doesn't end at the discharge paperwork.