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Published on June 10, 2024
AutoZone in South Los Angeles Looted After Street Takeover, LAPD Arrests One Suspect in El SegundoSource: Google Street View

A wave of looting occurred early Monday morning at an AutoZone in South Los Angeles, following a street takeover incident. KTLA reported that the Los Angeles Police Department received a call about a street event at the intersection of Century Boulevard and Hoover Street shortly before 4 a.m., with another report of approximately 50 people breaking into the nearby Auto Zone store coming minutes later.

Witnesses provided video evidence displaying individuals forcefully prying open a metal security gate, followed by the swift act of breaking a store window to gain access. ABC7 captured footage that showed the aftermath of the intrusion, revealing the significant damage within the establishment. Notably, someone donned in a red hoodie with their face concealed, was spotted among those exiting the premises with merchandise in tow.

According to NBC Los Angeles, items from the store were found strewn across the parking area. However, the full extent of the stolen goods remains uncertain. As the looters dispersed, various auto parts including a car battery, marked the ground in front of the Auto Zone. The incident, which coincided with the earlier reported street takeover, has raised questions about the connection between both events, though no definitive link has been established yet.

The LAPD engaged in a vehicle pursuit, which concluded with one arrest on Pepper Street and East Sycamore Avenue in El Segundo. KTLA’s spokesperson informed the pursuit involved assistance from the California Highway Patrol. Meanwhile, CBS Los Angeles reported that cans and other goods were dropped outside the store, hinting at the haste of the individuals to flee the scene. The investigation into both, the street takeover and the looting incident continues.