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Published on June 19, 2024
Avondale Police Deploy Speed Safety Cameras to Curb Speeding, Fines to Take Effect in JuneSource: Facebook/Avondale AZ Police Department

In an effort to put the brakes on speeding drivers, the Avondale Police Department has announced updated locations for speed safety cameras, part of a broader initiative to improve road safety. Until June 23, 2024, speed demons will be under surveillance along Van Buren St. between 107th Ave. and Avondale Blvd., and on 107th Ave. just south of Van Buren St., particularly the westbound and southbound lanes respectively.

Avondale PD's targeting of these areas is no coincidence, having been pinpointed based on citizen complaints and places where officers have previously clocked excessive speeds, speed safety cameras have been put in place as a wake-up call for habitual speedsters, and while the locations will change every few weeks, the presence of these cameras is a constant reminder that the law is ever-present, with fines starting at $185 for those caught red-handed. Signs notifying approaching drivers of the cameras are intended to prevent violations rather than just catch offenders in the act.

Starting this June, any speed limit violations captured by these cameras will trigger a Notice of Violation to be sent out. Avondale's message is clear: It's time to recalibrate our driving habits, considering the stakes are no longer just a friendly reminder but a hit to your wallet with fines depending on the driver's speed and the specific violation location.

According to the Avondale PD,  "The purpose of the program is to ensure the highest level of safety for children, residents, and visitors by using tools proven to reduce speeds and alter driving habits."