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Published on June 22, 2024
Chicago Expands Victim Support and Braces for Summer Heat with Health Initiatives and PlayStreets ProgramSource: City of Chicago

In a move to address the pressing issue of gun violence and its repercussion on Chicago's communities, Mayor Brandon Johnson, in association with the Mayor's Office of Community Safety and the Chicago Department of Public Health, is expanding the Emergency Supplemental Victims Fund (ESVF). This initiative aims to provide financial assistance and alleviate the trauma for those directly affected by such incidents. According to the Chicago Department of Public Health Weekly Media Brief, this extension will bring ten more communities into the ambit, focusing on areas with the highest violence rates and offering a lifeline to families of youth homicide victims under the age of 24 throughout the city.

As the mercury climbs, Chicago braces to beat the summer sweat. The Chicago Department of Public Health stresses the need to prepare for extreme heat with proactive measures, sternly advising residents to take advantage of cooling centers open across the city, including weekends. "As extreme weather can be hazardous and unpredictable," city agencies urge citizens to stay informed by registering for citywide alerts at, staying tuned to local media, and checking the OEMC’s social media or using their mobile app.

Meanwhile, the city's health landscape is getting a shot in the arm with the Healthy Chicago Podcast's latest episode. Guest host Miguel Lopez chats with Cathi Ortiz and Lisa Powell-Butler about the PlayStreets initiative. Designed to get kids moving, the program is transforming streets into safe play havens, simultaneously reinforcing community bonds. Spotlighting physical wellness, PlayStreets is reportedly making strides in impacting community health positively. Interested listeners can follow the conversation on Spotify, Apple, or YouTube.

The city's initiatives distinctly aim to forge a safer, healthier Chicago amid adversity. By lifting financial pressures off victims’ shoulders and keeping residents cool during sweltering days, to engaging youth in active lifestyles with PlayStreets, Chicago's latest measures are a testament to a city tirelessly working to uplift its communities and foster resilience against the odds. For more information about these resources and to tune in to the efforts being made, residents can head to the Chicago Department of Public Health's official website.