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Published on June 21, 2024
Clinton High School Athletic Director Nate Martin Departs Amid Grade-Fixing ScandalSource: Google Street View

The unfolding scandal at Clinton High School has prompted yet another departure, as athletic director Nate Martin steps away from Anderson County Schools amid allegations of grade-fixing and ineligible player participation. Martin reportedly left his role voluntarily, a move disclosed by the district without further details on the circumstances surrounding his exit, according to WBIR.

In the vortex of this grade-changing scandal, several educators and staff have been shown the door, including two teachers and the head principal. The fallout continues with the non-renewal of three guidance counselors while Carrie Jenkins, the head of the guidance department and the wife of the former principal, was suspended, WYSH radio reported. Martin’s move to a middle school within the county, preceding his final departure, was a noted lateral shift after the high school's forfeiting of a season’s worth of football wins due to fielding an ineligible player — a blemish on the school's athletic record that Martin had self-reported.

Martin's exit is the latest thread in a larger tapestry of accountability. On June 13, Josh Reid was named as the new athletic director for the beleaguered high school, and Robbie Herrell has stepped in as the new principal — both presumably aiming to repair the credibility and integrity of the institution. The departure of football head coach Darell Keith was also noted, his tenure ending in the wake of the ineligible player debacle, as stated by district representatives. A teacher accused Keith of attempting to alter grades for an athlete in 2022, WVLT added,

In a candid email to the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association on May 17, Martin expressed concerns over his job security and the fairness of the situation, "When this rolls downhill, I am going to lose my job but this is not fair." He added, "Our school is in the middle of a grade changing scandal that is about to hit national news." Details from these communications were obtained through public records requests, showcasing the weight of the situation and Martin’s acknowledgment of his responsibility despite contesting the school district's handling of the matter, WBIR reported.

As the story unfolds, the investigation has widened, with the Anderson County Sheriff's Office examining at least eight misdemeanor crimes connected to the scandal, WYSH noted. Meanwhile, the local community is on edge as allegations swirl that several elected school board officials knew of the grade tampering long before the scandal broke. In a plea for transparency, WYSH has called on people with information to step forward, promising confidentiality to those who request it.