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Published on June 23, 2024
Contra Costa County Secures $4.4 Million in Federal Funds for Infrastructure and Affordable Housing ProjectsSource: California Department of Insurance, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Contra Costa County recently received a financial boost from U.S. Representative John Garamendi, who secured $4,410,279 in federal funds for critical infrastructure and affordable housing projects. The congressman announced that the allocation includes several significant initiatives to improve the county's livability and accessibility. Among these are enhancements to the regional San Francisco Bay Trail and development efforts for affordable rental housing for low-income families.

The awarded funds result from Garamendi's push for Community Project Funding, which targets substantial public benefits within specific congressional districts. Breathing new life into local transportation and housing options, Garamendi presented checks earmarked for various projects, which were acknowledged by the congressman's office. "These projects will make communities that have been underinvested more livable with safer, less congested roads and better options to walk, bike, or take the train to work or school. This was all made possible through the advocacy and passion dozens of local leaders. I am grateful to help make these much-needed investments in our community, and I will always work to deliver the progress and federal support Contra Costa residents deserve," Garamendi said.

Garamendi's office outlined four prominent projects benefiting from this influx of federal dollars. One million dollars will support closing a 3.2-mile San Francisco Bay Trail gap between Rodeo and Crockett. In addition, the East Bay Regional Park District will receive $900,000 to bridge a half-mile trail gap near the Martinez Amtrak Station. The City of San Pablo is set to realign a problematic intersection atop the San Pablo Avenue Bridge with $850,000. At the same time, the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation will get $1,660,279 for rehabilitating 86 affordable housing units on Giant Road in San Pablo.