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Published on June 04, 2024
Mill Valley Gears Up for 113th Dipsea Race Among Road Closures and Parking RestrictionsSource: Bento00, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The quaint streets of Mill Valley are preparing for a sudden metamorphosis as the city braces itself for the influx of runners and excitement brought by the 113th annual Dipsea Race. Notorious for both its picturesque backdrop and the logistical turmoil it ushers into the local traffic scenario, this storied competition necessitates a suite of road closures and parking restrictions scheduled to unfurl on June 9, a Sunday morning that's sure to be anything but restful for Mill Valley residents.

With the starting gun primed to resound through the town, Mill Valley Police have broadcast a detailed bulletin informing citizens to anticipate consequential parking restrictions alongside road closures that will cleave through the heart of downtown. The information obtained was via a notice on their official Nixle page. Beginning at 5am, the streets of Lovell Ave., Throckmorton Ave., and Miller Ave., along with the lot of the fabled Depot, will fall under strict parking constraints, thus advocating for residents and spectators alike to seek alternative storage for their vehicles.

Dawning with the morning light, closures are set in place from 7am to 11am to facilitate the annual passage of the Dipsea racers. Throckmorton Ave. will be rendered inaccessible from E. Blithedale Ave. to Cascade Dr, Bernard St, Madrona St, Olive St., and Old Mill St. will join the ranks of closures, barring through traffic, cascading effects for the non-participatory locals and astute detours to manage the flux of vehicles, which has been meticulously planned by the officials, Southbound traffic on Cascade Dr will meet its boundary at Molino Ave. At the same time, the northbound corridor of Molino Ave. closes its gate at Cascade Dr.

The challenges of transportation are somewhat mitigated by the imposition of a two-way street conversion on Lovell, a potential salve for the impending congestion that's expected to grip the neighborhood; for those emanating from Cascade, Lovell, and Throckmorton territories will be rerouted, passing by Old Mill Elementary onto Lovell. The notice also details for visitors and residents that inbound traffic on E. Blithedale is to continue toward Gardner St before spilling onto Corte Madera and finally merging with Lovell Ave and for those coming via inbound Miller Ave., their path will snake through Sunnyside Ave. to E. Blithedale and subsequently follow the aforementioned detour. The local authorities, cognizant of the inconvenience, have reached out through the community bulletin to thank everyone beforehand for their patience and extend their wishes of luck and safety for the competitors about to conquer the mountain.