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Published on June 24, 2024
Music and Unity Flourish at 4th Annual Pittsburgh Jazz Festival in Southwest AtlantaSource: Unsplash/ Jens Thekkeveettil

The echo of jazz music spilled into the streets of southwest Atlanta this weekend as the fourth annual Pittsburgh Jazz Festival drew a large and lively crowd at Pittsburgh Yards. Vibrant notes and diverse musical performances marked the occasion, which was hosted by Atlanta City Council member Antonio Lewis, representative of District 12. The free event, which has become a hallmark of community engagement, seamlessly blurred the boundaries of music and local unity.

According to FOX 5 Atlanta, the festival's headlining act was Derrick Ward and Pure Music. A myriad of musical talents graced the stage; their performances echoed the Council member's aspiration for the festival as an "ideal opportunity to unite the Pittsburgh community." The strategic decision to eliminate entrance fees intended to make cultural enjoyment accessible for all residents, regardless of their financial status.

Attendees of the festival were recommended by officials to bring their own seating, ensuring comfort throughout the series of performances that also featured Michael Johnson Meditative Funk and International Agape Resolution. From the smooth synchronies of jazz ensembles to the more experimental beats of the lineup, the festival proved once again its commitment to showcasing a spectrum of sound and talent in the heart of Atlanta.

While music was indeed the main attractant, the underlying current of the event was community solidarity – free accessibility played a central role. "This year’s lineup includes Derrick Ward & Pure Music, Michael Johnson Meditative Funk, and International Agape Movement," the city announced in a statement obtained by WSB-TV.

Council member Lewis envisioned the event not just as entertainment but as a bridge uniting different parts of the community. The festival's ongoing success sets a positive example for blending culture, joy, and unity — key elements for community harmony. As the sun set on Pittsburgh Yards this weekend, the final Jazz act's notes resonated beyond music, delivering a message: in Atlanta, music and community beat to the same rhythm.