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Published on June 19, 2024
Philadelphia Mayor Parker Signs Trio of Safety Bills Targeting Guns, Eviction Processes, and Traffic LawsSource: Jared Piper/PHLCouncil, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker has taken a definitive stance on public safety by signing three distinct bills into law, each targeting different safety concerns in the city. One of the newly signed statutes is a clampdown on firearm accessories, such as switches and bump stocks, that enable guns to fire at an accelerated pace. Despite a recent Supreme Court reversal on a federal ban of bump stocks, local advocates remain confident in the city's legislative muscle. “Legislative authority to ban these, and other forms of accessories, is totally legal,” asserted Ceasefire PA's executive director Adam Garber, in a statement obtained by

Continuing the focus on public welfare, a second law, which Mayor Parker endorsed, outlines rigorous training requirements for eviction officers—a measure that includes use of force training, crisis intervention, and basic firearm handling instructions. This policy, necessitating a substantial 198 hours of training, arrives in the wake of an eviction that turned violent last year. "We've all seen the incidents that have generated the headlines regarding this issue," Mayor Parker told NBC Philadelphia, emphasizing the need for professional training.

The third bill addresses vehicular safety on Broad Street by expanding the use of speed cameras, a measure projected to replicate the successes found with Roosevelt Boulevard's similar implementation. Mayor Parker is optimistic about the deployment of this automated law enforcement tool. "We are going to take the same successes and lessons that we've learned from installing the Roosevelt Boulevard speed cameras and apply them to Broad Street," she explained to audiences during the bill signing, as reported by CBS News Philadelphia.

These legislative initiatives spearheaded by Mayor Parker showcase a multifaceted effort to secure the immediate and enduring wellbeing of Philadelphians. The bills come into immediate effect, delivering on promises of stringent gun control, extensive training for civil enforcement personnel, and proactive traffic management, casting a wider net of safety over the city's residents.