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Published on June 21, 2024
San Diego Flood Victims Face New Challenges as Emergency Lodging Program EndsSource: County of San Diego Communications Office

As the clock ticks towards the end of the Emergency Temporary Lodging Program, San Diegans impacted by the January floods are now facing the next stage of their recovery process, transitioning to longer-term housing solutions. In a partnership lauded for its swift response to the natural disaster, the County of San Diego, the City of San Diego, and other local entities have managed to shelter the flood-affected residents, assisting with accommodation, food vouchers, and mental health services.

With the assistance program wrapping up, Chairwoman Nora Vargas of the Board of Supervisors highlighted the necessity of the initial response, telling County News Center, "Thousands of San Diegans faced the devastating aftermath as floodwaters tore through their homes on Jan. 22,” emphasizing the importance of the services provided; however, the challenge persists beyond what was initially anticipated as people impacted by the disaster continue to need support with home repairs or securing new accommodations. The Emergency Temporary Lodging Program, which once supported over 2,200 individuals from almost 900 households at its peak, is concluding, but the community's effort to return people home remains ongoing.

Solutions to aid transition are being rolled out, including financial assistance for eligible families and guidance in home searching and repair. According to San Diego City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera's statements, as per County News Center, the city council has authorized an additional $3 million to support those in need, complementing more than $33.7 million already approved by the Board of Supervisors for community recovery efforts spearheaded by Vargas and District Four Supervisor Monica Montgomery Steppe.

Local housing authorities are set to continue the aid, with the San Diego Housing Commission launching a program assisting residents through financial support, housing leads, and home repairs, detailed by President and CEO Lisa Jones in County News Center. The National City Housing Authority also received substantial County funds totaling over $360,000 to bolster their community's recovery steps. Families and individuals seeking further assistance can reach out online or via the provided contact details for resources specific to their local areas, aiming to prevent homelessness or permanent displacement within their community due to the flood's impact.

"We will continue to work with government, non-profit and community partners to identify gaps and find unique solutions to help our communities recover from this and future emergencies", County Chief Administrative Officer Ebony Shelton said, as cited by County News Center. As the authorities and organizations work to navigate the complexities of disaster recovery, the sustained combined effort remains critical for the well-being of those affected by the January 22nd floods.