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Published on June 10, 2024
"Texas Eats" with David Elder: A Culinary Journey Through San Antonio's Best and Beyond to Austin and Dripping SpringsSource: Google Street View

The culinary landscape of Texas continues to evolve, and David Elder’s “Texas Eats” leads the charge in showcasing the diverse eats of San Antonio and beyond. San Antonio's very own Tia’s Taco Hut is rapidly expanding, with ten locations now serving locals and visitors alike. The family-owned chain is making waves with its array on Mexican fare, including a much-talked-about Tuesday special known as the Laredo Plate, which KSAT described in a recent feature.

Tejas Birria, meanwhile, has planted its roots in the Besame Bar & Food Truck Park, offering a new go-to spot for birria enthusiasts in the city. Just off Broadway, Paladar infuses a mix of Cuban and Mexican essence into its dishes, embracing a trend of culinary fusion that's becoming increasingly popular. "Texas Eats" captured the flavors and excitement of these eateries, alongside Elder’s visit to El Remedio, where old friend Joshua Palacios is now offering a sit-down experience complete with full bar, serving dishes like asada sushi and ribeye aguachile, according to a KSAT interview.

Not confined to San Antonio, the food tour extends to Austin, where Elder spotlights establishments such as Micklethwait Craft Meats BBQ, revered for their low and slow barbecued meats, Asador on Rainey, and ATX Cocina, all of which contribute to Austin's reputation for BBQ and Mexican cuisine. Each of these spots promises to satiate cravings for authentic tastes and innovative takes on classic dishes.

The delectable journey doesn’t stop there; Elder brings attention to Dripping Springs where Turcotte Butchers & Delicatessen offers what is described by KSAT as world-class meats. It's the sort of place that's not only about enjoying a meal, but also about appreciating the craft of butchery. Followers of "Texas Eats" and Elder can delve deeper into the state’s gastronomic scene by staying tuned to their Facebook and Instagram for more food information, photos, videos, and giveaways, ensuring foodies are always in the loop.

What's clear from Elder's gastronomical tour is that whether it's the traditional flavors or modern fusions, Texas is a treasure trove of culinary delights waiting to be discovered, and shows like "Texas Eats" are just the compass you need to navigate this delectable terrain.