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Published on June 19, 2024
Roadwork Scheduled in Bucks County: Expect Commute Delays and Detours on Route 32 and Geigel Hill RoadSource: Unsplash/ Call Me Fred

Bucks County drivers, brace for some commute disruptions. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has slated a number of maintenance operations to roll out over several days, and these might just be the gears grinding on your daily drive. PennDOT announced that route closures for repairs will be the norm from Monday, June 24, to Wednesday, July 3, between the inconvenient hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

If you're traveling on Route 32 (River Road) between Taylorsville Road and Woodside Road, be prepared for a reroute. The road will be closed for base repair, and PennDOT's detour signs will guide you through Woodside Road and Taylorsville Road as alternate routes. Another section, Geigel Hill Road between Durham Road and Headquarters Road, will also be closed for pipe replacement and bridge repair, affecting your usual traffic flow. Drivers in this area will be redirected along a detour route that includes Durham Road, Route 611 (Easton Road), Dark Hollow Road, Route 32, and back to Headquarters Road.

The silver lining for Bucks County locals is that local access will remain open during these automotive upheavals. PennDOT has acknowledged the importance of neighborhood connectivity, preserving it as a lifeline amidst the disruption. However, for commuters passing through, PennDOT offers some advice: allocate extra time for your commute in these areas. Expect inevitable delays and traffic snarls due to roadwork, and consider downloading a podcast or two for the ride; delays are to be expected.

All of these traffic reroutes and roadwork dances across the asphalt are, of course, at the mercy of the skies. If storms roll in or the weather decides to be cantankerous, those construction plans might get shelved until conditions clear. So while you mark the calendar and set your alarms, keep one eye on the forecast. Just remember, all this dust and detouring leads to smoother rides ahead; patience through this stretch of construction will pay off with better roads in the long run.