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Published on June 22, 2024
Winter Garden Police Athletic League Launches Midnight Basketball Program for Local YouthSource: City of Winter Garden

In an effort to engage the local youth and offer a wholesome Friday night alternative, the Winter Garden Police Athletic League is rolling out a midnight basketball program for middle and high school students. According to a recent announcement by the City of Winter Garden, this free initiative promises to fill the West Orange Recreation Center with the sounds of bouncing balls and the buzz of community spirit.

Running every Friday from 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm through July 19, the program is open to basketball enthusiasts ages 13-18. It's a wide demographic, following the simple rule that all participants must hail from within the city limits of Winter Garden. One hiccup, though: each player must present a sign-off from the parental units—a completed Release Form attesting that they can partake in the nightly sporting revelries.

For those less inclined to play, spectating is equally encouraged. It's not just about the game; it's about the gathering, the shared experiences and, let's be honest, a safe space for teens to burn off that endless energy. The Police Athletic League has indeed made strides, recognizing the void in nocturnal recreations for the younger crowd, and they're answering with Midnight Basketball.

Details for the program outline that players can bring a completed form to the recreation center or have a parent or legal guardian complete it on site. "Midnight Basketball Every Friday Night for Winter Garden Youth," the pitch calls, welcoming novices and experts alike. As much an exercise in sportsmanship as it is in community-building, the Police Athletic League is betting on a simple game of hoops to bridge gaps, forge friendships, and keep those high schoolers engaged, and off the streets.

Interested parties can find more information, including the necessary paperwork for participation, on the City of Winter Garden's official website.