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Published on July 03, 2024
Baltimore's Mercy Medical Center Leads Mid-Atlantic Region with Introduction of Stryker's Mixed Reality Tech for Shoulder SurgerySource: Google Street View

Mercy Medical Center has marked a milestone in the mid-Atlantic region by introducing a mixed reality technology platform for shoulder replacement surgery, the first of its kind in the area. The Baltimore-based hospital is employing a system known as Blueprint Mixed Reality (MR) Guidance, designed by medical technology giant Stryker, to enhance precision in orthopedic procedures. Dr. Gregory Gasbarro, a well-established orthopedic surgeon at the institution, is among the first wave of U.S. surgeons, precisely the sixth, to perform surgery using this innovative platform, according to PR Newswire.

Blueprint Mixed Reality fuses 3D holographic images directly with the surgical field, giving surgeons an accurate visual while they work, it allows for an unprecedented level of precision, and Dr. Gasbarro has already completed five such surgeries, his expertise places him at the forefront of this technological transformation in medicine. The advanced system not only enhances surgical accuracy but also customizes the procedure to each patient’s unique anatomy to potentially offer lifelong stability absent in past treatments, "Surgeons were sort of eye-balling intra-operatively, and hoping they can create a stable environment that was going to be long-lasting, but I think the new tools allow us to more confidently tell patients that this is something that could be a solution for you, hopefully for the rest of your life," Dr. Gasbarro stated, as per WBALTV.

The MR technology, which has received FDA clearance, is celebrated for its heightened accuracy, aiming to implement the surgical plan within a two-millimeter and two-degree range of the pre-operative strategy. Dr. Gasbarro highlighted that the use of this technology dispenses with the need for traditional printed 3D guides and prevents the risk of improper implant placement by projecting the CT scan and 3D models of the patient's anatomy onto the surgical field in real-time, thus giving the surgeon immediate data on pin placement and implant positioning, this is what allows the hospital to tout the procedures provided by Dr. Gasbarro and his team as a new era for shoulder arthroplasty.

Mercy Medical Center, with a strong legacy dating back to 1874 and a university affiliation, continues to be a landmark institution in the medical community not only for orthopedics but also for women's health and several other specialties. Recognized globally as a leader in its field, Stryker has partnered with Mercy in providing a surgery experience that is at the edge of current medical capabilities, "This technology allows the surgeon to plan and execute the surgery based on precise images of the patient's shoulder, so there is far less risk of the implant being placed improperly," Dr. Gasbarro said, as detailed by PR Newswire.