Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on November 11, 2011
Secrets of the Peacock Lounge, Revealed!
About a year ago, we tasked Haighteration writer Rose Garrett with a seemingly straightforward assignment: research the backstory of the Peacock Lounge. To us, the never-open, Yelp-maligned venue was fraught with mystery. Who ran the place? Why did no one ever answer the phone? What's with the name? It was one of the neighborhood's most enduring enigmas. Many months, meetings, and masons -- yes, masons -- later, Rose finally has her story.

A sprawling epic of this nature deserves more than just the usual Haighteration treatment. Fortunately, our friends at the Bold Italic offered to give Rose's narrative the long-form, illustrated treatment it deserves. Go read Rose's story, "Entering the Nest", and have all your burning Peacock Lounge questions answered, once and for all.