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Published on August 10, 2013
UPDATE: Randy Rooster a no-go for old Diesel locationRR-SF
Diesel store with "for lease" sign
Diesel store
Socket Site reported yesterday that plans for the burlesque club that was set to go in at the site of the old Diesel location have been nixed as investors withdrew from escrow earlier this summer. The idea started out as controversial with rumors that it was going to be a run-of-the-mill strip joint, but details quickly snowballed into the final burlesque format. Some of our readers welcomed the idea and format of the club at what many consider "the gateway to the Castro" and others said it would be a bachelorette magnet (and not in a good way). Readers at Socket Site theorized that the reason the owners gave up their bid to take over and transform the space was due to the negative welcome they received from many residents and the hurdles it would have to go through in order to get a special zoning variance to open as a burlesque club. For now, the building is back on the market.